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Opportunities for Educational Outreach!

Help promote Materials Camp:
The ASM Materials Education Foundation sponsors a series of materials-oriented science camps for students and teachers. The camp is free to students who qualify, and is a great opportunity for high school juniors and seniors to get hands-on experience with engineering and materials concepts. Do you know a high school student who would be interested? Do you have contacts at a local high school that might want to participate? Let Marsha Bischel or Dan Elliot know! Application forms are generally available late in the year and are due in March.

Go into local schools and do science demos!
Most local schools are thrilled to have people come into the schools to do science demos. There are lots of simple, materials-related demonstrations that can be geared to students of all ages.
The Lancaster-Lebanon Science and Technology Alliance is always looking for volunteers to go into schools (many of them elementary schools). In the 2006-2007 school year, 7100 students participated in LLSTA sponsored events! For more information, check out their website:
School Demos!
For those of us with children or grandchildren who are still going to school, consider volunteering to go into the child’s class and do a demo that is related to something they are studying. And don’t worry about them being too young. Even kindergarteners (and preschoolers!) can be very excited about science! If you have a desire, but are unsure of what sort of demo to do, contact Marsha Bischel.
Be a tutor, mentor or ambassador of materials science!
Periodically, we get requests for tutors or mentors for students who have interests in particular fields. Some schools have special programs in which people come into the school and talk about what they do. Other schools require students to shadow someone for a day to learn about the “workplace.” Contact your local high school and see if they have any needs.
Be an Engineering Week Mentor!