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Greetings South Central PA Chapter.

On behalf of the Executive Committee, I would like to thank our members for their continued support in these challenging times. Last fall, we shared a list of initiatives that were designed to help keep the chapter in good health for the long-term. We were rewarded for our efforts by earning another 5-star rating from national.

From a financial stand-point, our efforts have been successful and we now have a relatively stable financial outlook, but we still need to attract new members to the chapter if it is to survive; on average, our attendance at meetings has been 20 people.

We continue to be focused on holding events to engage students in science and engineering, at both the college and high school levels. To this end, we continue to award 9 awards to science fair winners from three counties and held our second round-table that allowed students and ASM members to discuss career-related topics. We continue to explore ways to be more involved in the ASM Foundation efforts to hold materials camps for students and teachers, and several of our 2012-2013 activities will be focused on this activity.

Using the feedback from the June 2011 Chapter Survey, we included a number of different activities during the last calendar year, including a Friday evening visit to a foundry pour at a local arts center. This was very successful, and was attended by many members and their families, including their children. We also held our May meeting at Horse Power Enterprises in Lancaster, where exotic cars are restored to mint condition. The members enjoyed viewing the million-dollar cars that were being worked on. We continue to schedule joint meetings with other local organizations when we can. We also became more involved in the Central PA Engineers Week Council, a network of more than a dozen local engineering societies.

Looking forward at 2012-2013, we have an exciting mix of traditional meetings (the April Student night, for example), joint meetings with AIChE and others, plant tours, and a May trustee visit from the newly elected president of ASM International, Dr. Gernant Maurer.

The chapter continues to be in need of active participation from its members. This means attending meetings, suggesting meeting topics and venues, and volunteering to help with things like science fair judging, maintaining the membership roster, taking meeting reservations, and inviting new members to join ASM! We do not currently have a Vice Chair, and all of the names of the Executive Committee should look familiar. If you have some time, and are interested in helping out, please contact myself or another member of the Executive Committee. No contribution of time is too small!

Finally, I would like to thank the members of the Executive Committee for their continued commitment to our chapter. It is their hard work, support and stewardship that have allowed the Chapter to survive for more than 8 decades. With your help, we hope to provide a great future for the chapter. I am looking forward to an exciting and fulfilling year as the chapter chair. Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions or questions you may have related to the chapter.

Marsha S. Bischel, Ph.D.
Chair of ASM South Central PA Chapter, 2011-2013