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ASM Meeting

Wednesday, September 9, 2009
High Performance Permanent Magnets for Critical Applications

Dr. Jinfang Liu

V.P. Technology and Engineering

Electron Energy Corporation

924 Links Ave., Landisville, PA 17538  Phone: 717.898.2294
** Note: Attendees who are Not U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents (Green Card holders)
must contact EEC for approval **

to be held at
Electron Energy Corporation
924 Links Ave., Landisville, PA 17538 Phone: 717.898.2294
See Map below
  6:00: Social
  6:30: Buffet Dinner
  7:30: Speaker

Pecan Encrusted Salmon Filets
London Broil with Horseradish Sauce
Roasted Vegetable Platter
Spinach Salad with Blue Cheese & Cranberries with homemade Vinaigrette
Assorted Sweets Tray

Cost: Members & guests: $10, Retirees: $7.50, Students:$5

Reservations: Deadline: Monday, September 7, 2009
Click on Reservations menu to register, or
 phone: Steve Baumann at Alcoa Mill Products   (717) 393-9641 ext:1889


High Performance Permanent Magnets for Critical Applications

This talk will present EEC’s current research efforts and progress on high performance Sm-Co permanent magnets:
  1. Nanocomposite magnet concept
    RE-Co (RE=rare earth) based magnets exhibit superior magnetic properties at high temperatures, which leads to wide applications in aerospace and medical industries. However, traditional magnets (with a single magnetic phase) have almost reached the theoretical limits of their maximum energy product, (BH)max. The nanocomposite magnet was theoretically proven to be one of the ways to further enhance magnetic properties. The concept of nanocomposite magnets with magnetically exchange-coupled high-coercivity (hard) and high-magnetization (soft) phases promised at least doubled values of (BH)max. The practical realizations of this concept so far fell short of the expectations due to the difficulty in obtaining the necessary uniform, textured nanostructure. In the more traditional “top-down” approach, the hard-soft composite magnets can be produced from isotropic nanocrystalline precursors. In the “bottom-up” approach, single-crystalline hard and soft (nano)particles need to be arranged, crystallographically oriented and then consolidated. The talk will present our results on the synthesis of Fe-nanoparticle/Sm-Co composite powders and magnets.
  2. Ultra-high temperature RE-Co permanent magnets
    Previously, the best high temperature magnets available were limited to applications where temperatures did not exceed 300°C. Now a series of ultra-high temperature Sm(CowFevCuxZry)z type magnets with linear demagnetization curves up to 550°C was developed and successfully used in various commercial and military applications.
  3. High energy temperature-compensated permanent magnets
    For RE-TM (TM=transition metal) compounds, the magnetic moment of RE couples parallel to TM moment and the magnetization decreases with increasing temperature when the RE is a light rare earth element. When the RE is a heavy rare earth element, the moment couples antiparallel to the TM moment and the magnetization first increases with temperature and then decreases. By combining these two effects it is possible to achieve a near zero reversible temperature coefficient of Br within a certain temperature range.
  4. Temperature stability of RE-Co permanent magnets
    Thermal stability in air or vacuum is a critical factor in some space and aerospace applications. This section will summarize some recent results on the temperature dependence of magnetic properties in air or high vacuum.
  5. Radiation resistance of RE-Co permanent magnets
    Space applications require high radiation resistance. This section will present data on the radiation resistance of RE-Co magnets compared to other high-energy permanent magnets.

About our speaker

Dr. Jinfang Liu

Jinfang Liu received his Ph.D. in Physics in 1990 from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Currently serving as the Vice President of Technology and Engineering at Electron Energy Corporation, Dr. Liu has over 22 years of research experience in the field of rare earth permanent magnets and systems. His background and academic degrees in both materials engineering and applications engineering of electromagnetic devices provides unique insights into optimization of magnetic materials including Nd-Fe-B sintered and bonded magnets, Sm-Co magnets, nano-composite magnets and other new magnetic materials. He designed various magnetic systems using finite element analysis, and coordinated many prototyping projects for critical applications. He is an internationally recognized accomplished researcher in rare earth magnet materials and systems. He helped to organize international magnetic conferences and frequently serves as a referee for professional journals and as session chair for international conferences. Dr. Liu has also served as a principal investigator for a number of government-funded research programs and published more than 150 papers in scientific journals and international/national conference proceedings.

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