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ASM Meeting

Tuesday, January 11, 2011
ASM Meeting

From Turbine Blades to Rebar:
Why Thermal Spray may be the most flexible industrial coating technology available today

Dr. Richard Knight, FASM

Drexel University

3141 Chestnut St., Phila., PA
  Phone: 215.895.1844

to be held at   (see map at bottom)

Lombardo's Italian Restaurant

216 Harrisburg Ave., Lancaster, PA 17603 (717) 394-3749
  5:00: Executive Committee Meeting
  6:00: Social   (cash bar)
  6:30: Dinner
  7:30: Speaker

Dinner: Choice of entrée (indicate your choice when you register)
- Baked Lasagna, blend of hot sausage, pepperoni,meatballs, hard cooked eggs, mushrooms, Provolone & Romano
- Chicken Parmesan, classic Italian way - side of spaghetti
- Broiled pork chops
- Seafood Trio: shrimp, scallops & crab cake
Dinners include non-alcoholic beverage, salad, dessert.
ASM Cost: Members & guests: $20, Retirees: $20, Students:$10

Reservations: Deadline extended: Tuesday, January 11, 2011
Click on Reservations menu to register, or
 phone: Steve Baumann at Alcoa Mill Products   (717) 393-9641 ext:1889


From Turbine Blades to Rebar:
Why Thermal Spray may be the most flexible industrial coating technology available today

Thermal Spray is a very versatile particulate/droplet consolidation technology used to deposit overlay coatings onto a broad range of industrial surfaces, providing improved wear, corrosion and/or thermal protection without changing the properties of the base material. This family of processes is capable of applying metallic, ceramic, intermetallic, cermet, composite and even polymer coatings. Powdered, wire rod, and/or sol-gel suspensions of materials are introduced into combustion, electric arc, or plasma heated gas jets, where individual particles are heated, melted or softened, accelerated and directed towards the surface being coated. The millions of particles impacting per second form overlapping 'splats' and create new functional surfaces.

This talk will trace the evolution of thermal spray technology from its simple beginnings almost a century ago to its current status as a global coating technology capable of solving a wide range of industrial surface engineering problems. Recent process, sensor and control, materials and applications developments will be highlighted, concluding with a glimpse into the 'crystal ball' to see what may lie ahead.

About our speaker

Dr. Richard Knight, FASM is an Auxiliary Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Drexel University and Director of the Center for the Plasma Processing of Materials (CPPM). A member of the ASM Thermal Spray Society (TSS) since its founding in 1993, Dr. Knight served as Chair of the TSS Training Committee from 1997-2002 and was elected a member of the TSS Board in 1998. He was elected TSS President in 2004 and received the TSS President's Award in 2009 for his leadership. He was also named a Fellow of ASM in 2003 in recognition of his contributions to thermal spray research and technology.
Dr. Knight served as General Co-Chair for ITSC 2006 (the International Thermal Spray Conference) in Seattle; ITSC 2005 in Basel, Switzerland; and ITSC 2004 in Osaka, Japan. His current research interests include thermal spray technology and education, thermal spraying of polymers, plasma recycling and treatment of waste and plasma synthesis of materials, and his research has been funded by NSF, DOE, NASA and a number of industrial sponsors.

In addition to his TSS activities, Dr. Knight has served as Faculty Advisor for the Drexel University Materials Advantage Student Chapter, and as an organizer for annual ASM Materials Camps held by Drexel and the ASM Philadelphia Liberty Bell Chapter.
Dr. Knight was elected as ASM Trustee for the 2009-2012 term.

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At our last meeting

Our November meeting featured an enlightening plant tour at Lancaster Metal Science, a leader in high performance etching hosted by Mr. Rob Ludewig, along with a presentation by Mr. Frank Leaman on his novel method for measuring residual stresses in plated materials.