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ASM Monthly Meeting and Election of Officers

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Dr. Gernant Maurer


ASM International


Solving Alloy Design and Processing Challenges:

the Ongoing Revolution in Materials Engineering

The Material Genome Initiative (MGI), which was announced in June 2011 highlighted the revolution in materials engineering that has been gaining momentum for the last 20 years. The development of computational modeling tools along with ever advancing computational speeds are already having a great impact on alloy design, alloy processing and alloy applications. We are beginning to integrate these tools so that we will have the ability to rapidly develop engineering materials that will revolutionize our industry and enable the next generations of many technologies.

The first part of this presentation will give a high level overview of the MGI, ICME and the potential they offer, as well as the challenges that need to be overcome to make them successful.

The second part will focus on a current example of how computational tools are used to solve materials engineering problems that could have a huge impact on our society. The example comprises alloys required for fossil fuel power systems that are transitioning from stainless steels that operate below 600°C to nickel-based alloys that can operate up to 760°C in advanced ultra-super critical steam turbines. This transition brings with it major metallurgical and economic challenges related to alloy design, melt processing, and fabrication of large size components.

This paper will highlight these challenges as they have been addressed in smaller aerospace turbines and discuss strategies to overcome the problems. New computational modeling tools will play a critical role in engineering solutions for alloy design, solidification, forging, and heat treatment. Since any solution also needs to be economically viable, the presentation considers processing cost issues with respect to process yields and operational strategies. The use of powder metallurgy will also be reviewed as a cost-effective alternative to alloys that have traditionally been cast-wrought processed.

Meeting will be held at   (see interactive map at bottom for directions)

Lombardo's Restaurant

216 Harrisburg Pk.
Lancaster, PA 17603
  5:30: Social Hour
  5:50: Executive Committee Meeting (all invited)
  6:30: Dinner
  7:30: Technical Presentation

Baked Manicotti (vegetarian)
Chicken Parmesan with side of spaghetti
Broiled Pork Chops
(all entrees include a salad and/or vegetable. Dessert is optional).
Cost: Adults: $20, Students:$10

Reservations: Reservation Deadline: Noon Friday, May 3, 2013
Click on Reservations menu to register, or
 phone: Steve Baumann at Alcoa Mill Products   (717) 393-9641 ext:1889

About the speaker
Dr. Gernant E. Maurer is a seasoned technology professional with 35 years of industry experience. The positions that he has held range from research and development engineer to corporate technology officer at a billion dollar specialty alloy corporation. He has contributed and led many successful specialty alloy products, as well as process developments that have been implemented in numerous markets. His business development experiences include creating profitable new businesses and being part of a corporate management team that formulated strategic plans in response to changing economic conditions. Professional activities include active leadership roles in international symposium committees and industrial task forces to solve industry wide problems.

Gern's technical expertise has evolved from the development of numerous new product activities in areas that have applications in aerospace, energy, industrial, consumer, and medical markets. The research efforts that he has directed have taken full advantage of computational modeling to streamline alloy development and process improvements. In many instances he has implemented powder metallurgy solutions to solve challenging problems that face traditional cast-and-wrought processing of highly alloyed specialty materials. All of these activities have demanded that online data resources and technical information are utilized to the fullest.

One of the most notable aspects of his career has been the management and development of technology personnel in both R&D and manufacturing technology roles. Many material engineers that he has hired and has worked with have risen to prominent technical positions in many companies.

Dr. Maurer received his B.E.S. from The Johns Hopkins University and his Ph.D. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. An active member of ASM, Dr. Maurer has served and led numerous committees, councils and chapters including service on the Awards Policy Committee, Technical Programming Board, the Mohawk Valley Chapter as an Executive Committee member, vice chair and chair and is currently a senior advisor to the Lehigh Valley Chapter. Dr. Maurer became a Fellow of ASM in 1988 and received the William Hunt Eisenman Award in 2008. He served on the ASM Board of Trustees from 1992-1995 and is currently serving as President of ASM International during its 100th Anniversary year.

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Election Slate:

Chair: Dr. Ed Garrity
Vice Chair: OPEN for Volunteers
Treasurer: Mr. John Meyer
Secretary: Dr. Marsha S. Bischel

Executive Commitee At Large:
Mr. Timothy Eck
Dr. François Mollard
Dr. Stephen Baumann
Mr. Larry Smith


Our April 2013 meeting was held at Millersville, University.
The meeting honored the ASM Science Fair award winners of three county Fairs:
Capitol Area, Lancaster, and York.
The winners were selected as being best in the Materials-related Category.
In addition to a cash award, the chapter will pay for their ASM student membership while they are in High School.

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